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Greensburg golfer makes 2 holes-in-one during same round

Golfer makes two holes-in-one during same round
Golfer makes two holes-in-one during same round 02:11

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) — A golfer made two holes-in-one during a round at Mount Odin Golf Park in Greensburg. 

Bob Ross was golfing with his league when he accomplished the incredible feat. 

"It started rolling towards the pin, and one of the guys said that has a chance of going in," Ross said. "And it did. It went in."

Still on cloud nine from the first hole-in-one on the fourth hole, Ross was then in disbelief after looking around for his ball at the 11th hole. 

"I said, 'Do you think it might be in the hole?' So, we walked up and there it was in the hole," Ross said. 

Ross said he just got lucky. 

"Who knows when it's going to happen," he said. "The pros out there can't get them all that much often. It takes a little bit of luck." 

Two holes-in-one in one game is rare, to say the least. The National Hole in One Registry said the odds are 67 million to one. 

Ross' league surprised him with an engraved plaque where he could put both golf balls that made a typical game of golf anything but average.

"It's my 15 minutes of fame," he said. "I think everyone's supposed to get one of those."

Ross said he now has four holes-in-one in his life. 

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