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Consumer alert issued for Pittsburgh convenience store after inspector finds rodent droppings

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A Pittsburgh convenience store was hit with a consumer alert after an inspector found rodent droppings.

The Allegheny County Health Department issued a consumer alert for Oak Hill Market in Pittsburgh's Terrace Village neighborhood after an inspection on Tuesday. The inspector found more than a dozen violations after receiving a complaint. 

According to the report, there were too many rodent droppings to count found in corners and under chip shelves. The inspector noticed a bag of gnawed cheese curls as well as evidence of wall nesting. The facility is treated weekly, but the inspector said the pest services are inadequate. 

Several violations were also centered around the slushy machine, which the inspector said wasn't sanitized.

The report noted several low risk-violations, like dirty restrooms and grease buildup. 

The Allegheny County Health Department says high-risk violations, like not sanitizing the slushy machine, may lead directly to food-borne illness or injury.  

A consumer alert signifies that a facility is out of compliance with minimum food safety standards and that the conditions may pose a public health risk, the health department explains on its website. 

When the consumer alert is removed, the health department's website will be updated.

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