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ANTM - "The Girl Who Sings for Alicia Keys"


AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
"The Girl Who Sings for Alicia Keys" (TV-PG, L)
THE SORORITY HOUSE RECEIVES A SURPRISE VISIT FROM ALICIA KEYS — Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys informs the girls they will be modeling in a fashion show to raise funds for her charity, "Keep A Child Alive." The winner of the competition gets to take a friend to see Alicia Keys in concert.

The Girl Who Sings For Alicia Keys

Then, in the vein of school spirit, the contestants are taken to a football field where they will be tossed in the air to work the camera for a cheerleader photo shoot (#1905).

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