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Drivers running red lights at 2 intersections in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania, will now get tickets

Bensalem starts issuing tickets at two intersections with red light cameras, officials say
Bensalem starts issuing tickets at two intersections with red light cameras, officials say 02:07

BENSALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Drivers say they welcome the red light cameras that are now triggering expensive tickets at two Bucks County intersections.

The intersection of U.S. Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway was deemed so dangerous by Bensalem Township that leaders approved so-called red light cameras, which started triggering traffic tickets earlier this month. 

The cameras were installed at Street and Knights roads as well. The tickets come after a warning period that started in April.

Dennis Newton said he is happy the red light cameras are there.

"We had a friend whose car got totaled at the intersection, got broadsided or something," he said. "On this one, I think it's needed."

Terri Newton said the intersection is so dangerous she tries to take another route when she can.

"I think because it's so congested if you're trying to drive through the area, sometimes it's better to just try to avoid it," Terri Newton said.

Shurouq Kanan said she often sees drivers running red lights.

"That's always the case, especially on that left turn. It's always, always the case," she said.

Bensalem Township Police said the township does not receive any of the money collected from the now 100 citations issued every day since the cameras went online June 1. 

On the Crimewatch website, officials posted, "Because we get no additional revenues from the program, we have no incentive to just catch violators. Our main objective is to reduce accidents."

With tickets costing $100 each, Kanan believes that will be an effective deterrent for red light runners.

"It definitely will because nothing really affects people like their money," Kanan said.

Neither Bensalem Police nor township officials would go on camera for this story, but they said they are waiting to collect more data to determine the effectiveness of the red-light cameras.

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