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Political Watchdog Looking Into Local Union Leader's TV Commercials

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A TV ad for the electricians union is raising some eyebrows at election time.

You may have seen the ad during Phillies broadcasts.

"Hi. I'm Bob Henon from IBEW Local Union 98 ... "

The ad features Local 98 political director Henon in a Phillies jersey, urging people to hire union contractors. Nowhere in the ad does it mention that Henon is also running for City Council.

He faces banker Marty Bednarek in the Sixth District Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Zack Stalberg of the election watchdog Committee of Seventy, says Henon is using the resources of the union to get extra exposure.

"I doubt that it's illegal, but that doesn't make it right," Stalberg said.

Stalberg says his group is researching the matter and may ask the city Board of Ethics to look into the issue for future elections.

A Local 98 spokesman said Henon didn't have to identify himself as a candidate in the commercial because it was not a political ad.

Neither Henon nor union business manager John Dougherty would comment on the commercial.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio

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