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Police kill aggressive bear in New Jersey park after it trapped a woman and child

Police kill aggressive bear in New Jersey park
Police kill aggressive bear in New Jersey park 01:30

MILLBURN, N.J. -- Police killed a bear that became aggressive after it trapped a woman and her child at a New Jersey park. 

The southern tip of the South Mountain Reservation was closed to the public after police fatally shot the animal Monday. 

Officers with the Essex County Sheriff's Department were called to the park at around 11:20 a.m. after a woman and her child were trapped by the bear in the Locust Grave area. 

Bear became aggressive toward officers

Officers safely escorted people out of the park before they said the bear became aggressive toward them and they were forced to shoot it. 

The sheriff's office confirmed the bear was killed. 

"There was a lot of people in there. So they're trying to get all of us out of there right now," said Helen Y., a hiker who left the sprawling park after the shooting. 

"Well it's unfortunate, but if somebody's life was threatened, that's understandable," said Annette Similuk. 

Residents were warned about bear activity

People who live near the reservation in Millburn Township said police alerted them to bear activity earlier in the day. 

"The second car pulled over and said 'Guys watch out, there's a bear.' And just then we noticed that a bunch of the dogs didn't want to be on the, we don't have a dog, but people walking their dogs, the dogs were pulling them off the street. And I think it might have been because of the scent," said Alex Carter, of Maplewood, New Jersey. 

The Essex County executive said the section of the reservation should reopen Tuesday. 

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