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Philadelphia Election: District Attorney Larry Krasner Looks For Second Term Against Republican Challenger Charles Peruto

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Larry Krasner is up for re-election as Philadelphia district attorney. It's a race the nation is watching.

Krasner won his first term in 2017, promising to be a progressive prosecutor and work for criminal justice reform.

He is facing Republican challenger Charles Peruto, a defense attorney and former Krasner supporter.

Peruto accused Krasner of working harder for criminals than for victims.

Meanwhile, Krasner expressed confidence that Philadelphia will re-elect him for another four-year term.

"It used to be there were no progressive prosecutors -- 20.1% of the United States now lives in a jurisdiction with a progressive prosecutor. It's what they want. They want a focus on serious crime and they want reform," Krasner said.

"You can't hug a criminal and expect to be the DA. I'm not running for public defender like Larry is, I'm running for district attorney. We have to look out for the victims as the district attorney," Peruto said.

Peruto said the election is a matter of life and death, and four years from now may be too late for the city.

Krasner said if he is re-elected, he will continue to go in the direction he says people want.

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