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Actress And Cable Host Melissa Francis Credits Michael Landon For Lessons In Success

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Melissa Francis, a host on Fox Business and former actress on "Little House on the Prairie," talked with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about her new book, Lessons From The Prairie, and the invaluable advice she received from actor Michael Landon, saying his work ethic and dedication still stand out to her so many years later.

"He was a true entrepreneur. He had so many people working for him and he would take them from show to show. He rewarded their hard work with years and years of employment, which, in Hollywood, never happens. You're working today, you're fired tomorrow because the show ends. But he could make a hit and keep it going for ten years. So people really worked hard for him and were loyal to him and he was loyal to them. It's something that I see, Sean Hannity operates that way here at Fox News Channel, it's a great way to run a business, to get people to work hard, but also to treat you with respect."

Francis said we would be wise to adopt Landon's practices about work and loyalty.

"Our society has become so 'every man for himself.' In a lot of ways, it's sad. He taught me some really valuable lessons and I tried to put them in this book and show how that needs to be a part of today's society, today's workplace, today's families."


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