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Attorney general files lawsuit against Pittsburgh company over at-home rape kits

KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (6/18)
KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (6/18) 04:13

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against a Pittsburgh-based company over its at-home rape kits. 

In a news release, Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry said her office filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Leda Health Corporation regarding its "so-called 'Early Evidence Kits'" for sexual assault victims. The kits, according to the attorney general's office, are marketed as allowing victims to collect "evidence" at home instead of going to a medical facility. 

The news release said the lawsuit alleges that the kits and the marketing efforts surrounding them are "problematic and in violation of Pennsylvania's consumer protection law." 

"They also fall short of meeting evidence collection standards set by the legislature and Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act," Tuesday's news release said. 

The attorney general's office sent a cease-and-desist letter to Leda Health and CEO Madison Campbell on May 24. The news release said counsel for the Pittsburgh company responded on June 11, "but has taken no steps to comply with the actions required by the Office of Attorney General and gave no indication that the company would ever comply."

"These kits essentially offer false promises to consumers by misleading them to think evidence collected privately at home can result in a criminal conviction — that is yet to have happened anywhere with the use of these kits," Henry said in the news release. 

The Pennsylvania Coalition to Advance Respect also expressed concerns about the kits. In a statement to KDKA-TV, the organization said it "applauds" Henry's actions. 

"For many, hope is lost in the aftermath of sexual assault. PCAR continues to work tirelessly to restore hope and support healing for survivors of sexual assault. Using an "at-home kit" provides a survivor with false hope," the statement said. 

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