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Workers across Montgomery County battle extreme heat: "Tomorrow's hydration starts tonight"

Workers across Montgomery County brave scorching heat waves
Workers across Montgomery County brave scorching heat waves 01:47

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Not everyone can head indoors to escape the extreme heat as some people make their living outside, so for them, staying cool and healthy takes planning.

While cars took a cool shower inside at Bryn Mawr Car Wash and Detailing Center, attendants worked hard in the heat Wednesday. General Manager Bruce Howard had been out there all week with his team.

"Not as bad as it's going to be coming up this weekend," he said. "But, it is hot."

Howard made sure workers stayed hydrated throughout their shifts. He also shared his plan for the extreme heat in the coming days.

"Come the weekend, I'll have to have extra personnel on to keep them rotated," he said.

That will allow crew members like Amadu Bangura to keep taking frequent breaks.

"If we're busy," he said, "we don't have an option. We've got to do something and work for people and make sure people are happy."

Gerhart Arndt was starting to mow the first of more than a dozen lawns in Plymouth Meeting. He said the electric equipment for his landscaping business, Sustainable Lawn Care Service, helped keep him cooler than traditional machinery.

"Without those gas and heat exhaust fumes in your face, it's a whole lot cooler," Arndt said.

He said he hydrates hours before the heat even hits him.

"Tomorrow's hydration starts tonight," Arndt said. "So when you've finished your day, make sure you're going home and you're staying properly hydrated."

Arndt knew many people who preferred to cut their own lawns.

So for them, he had this advice: "Just keeping cool, maybe putting your head under a hose, whatever you have to do to keep cool, it's super important right now."

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