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Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer In Bucks County

IVYLAND, Pa., (CBS) – When you think of a drive-thru, a burger and fries may come to mind.

But this drive-thru at a church in Bucks County is serving up something different.

St. John's Methodist Church in Ivyland offers drive-thru prayer every Wednesday afternoon.

CBS 3 Eyewitness News was there as some people stopped by to use the service on Almshouse Road.

The church says drive-thru prayer is open to all.

"They come over to the car, they say hello, they ask you what's going on. And I stopped a few weeks ago when I was having some troubles. And prayer really works," Cheryl Devine said.

St. John's Methodist Church is just one of several churches in the region that offers drive-thru prayer.


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