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Are Tolls Coming to Route 422?

(CBS) - Will Route 422 in the western suburbs eventually become a toll road?  Montgomery county planners are waiting for the results of a major study exploring just such possibility.

Leo Bagley, Montgomery County's assistant planning director, says a consultant is nearly finished with a study of the Route 422 tolling concept and is due to report results by the end of the year.

He says concerns about declining federal and state funding for road projects prompted local planners to consider ways to raise money to take care of much-needed improvements on Route 422 and the possibility of extending rail service from Reading to Norristown.

Bagley says public hearings and feedback from local government leaders will play a key role in any decision, which he says could come as early as the first quarter of next year:

"We don't see this dragging out to get the decision made and if there's a decision to go ahead and do it then we think it could be up and running within three to five years."

If Route 422 becomes a toll road, Bagley says all tolls would be recorded on an electronic system similar to EZ Pass.

Reported by KYW's Mark Abrams

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