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WATCH: Rabid Giants Fan Gives Up On Eli Manning, Burns Jersey

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- What have you done for me lately?

One particularly rabid Giants fan has already seen enough of quarterback Eli Manning, burning the two-time Super Bowl MVP's jersey after Sunday's loss.

"I am so sick and tired of Eli Manning," the fan, identified as John Sherman, said in a 32-second video uploaded to YouTube. "He sucks!"

The sharks are circling after Manning set a franchise record with 27 interceptions in 2013. And he was underwhelming -- throwing two picks -- in the regular-season debut of Big Blue's new-look offense in Detroit.

But it was only Week 1. And the guy has those two championship rings, one more than his big brother Peyton. Just saying.

Sherman explained in more detail why he thinks Manning "sucks" in the video's description:

"My name is John who burned the jersey not Chase Hansen. I was born NY and have been a Giant fan since I could speak. Eli Manning was a part of a team that won two superbowls everybody knows that. Not just Eli won them. A quarterback is the leader of the team. He is not leading and just throwing interception after interception. Every professional athletes relationship with his team comes to an end over time. It is time for Eli to say goodbye! If he was honest he would admit he has lost his mojo and is scared out there and it just doing it now for the money. He needs to go or we are going to have many miserable years ahead of us! So screw all of you who just sit by and have no emotion or try to do something to see a change!! A true Giant fan like myself will do whatever it takes to see change no matter what the idiot masses say.


OK then.

Manning will get a chance to get back in Giants fans' good graces Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

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