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Teen on e-bike falls to death from parking garage in Harrison, New York

Teen on e-bike falls to death at parking garage in New York
Teen on e-bike falls to death at parking garage in New York 01:53

HARRISON, N.Y. -- A 13-year-old boy riding an e-bike on the roof of a parking garage died after he went over a wall and fell five stories. 

Mark Anthony Giordano was killed in the accident Sunday evening at the garage by the Harrison, New York Metro-North Railroad station. 

A group of five minors was riding on the roof and one lost control of his e-bike and somehow went over the wall, falling to his death, according to the MTA. 

Technicians retrieved surveillance video of the incident on Monday and the MTA said no criminality is suspected.   

Teen was a talented wrestler

Mark Anthony Giordano, 13, fell to his death while riding an e-bike at the parking garage by the Metro-North station in Harrison. Harrison Wrestling

Giordano, a student at Louis M. Klein Middle School, is being remembered as the "kid with a golden smile." 

At 220 lbs., Giordano wrestled with the high school varsity team. Members of the team said he was "always kind, respectful and loving." 

Signs warn no bike riding

Signs throughout the parking garage warn "no bicycle riding," but neighbor Gary Garofalo says it's a popular place where youngsters do just that. 

"It's terrible what happened ... They all go into the garage, they ride around a little bit, and then they jump in the elevator with their bikes," said Garofalo, who lives across from the new Avalon Harrison apartment complex adjacent to the garage. "It's obvious they're going to the roof." 

Garage has safety netting, but not everywhere   

There is safety netting on top of the walls on the lower levels of the garage, but the fence on the roof is incomplete and long stretches have no added protection on top of the waist-high wall. 

We asked the MTA if additional protective measures or police patrols at the garage are planned and will update this story when we hear back. 

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