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Putnam County High School Softball Pitcher Does The Unimaginable, Hurls 'Perfect' Perfect Game

MAHOPAC, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- A high school softball player in Putnam County is pitch perfect.

She not only threw a perfect game, she did it by striking out every single batter she faced.

CBS2's Cindy Hsu met the teenage phenom on Thursday.

The Mahopac High School softball team has a lot to celebrate. This week, ace pitcher Shannon Becker threw what's being called a "perfect" perfect game. The 16-year-old sophomore's father explained.

"A perfect game just means that nobody got on base. A perfect perfect game is you struck out everybody. Nobody successfully put the ball into play," Bob Becker said.

Shannon struck out all 21 batters in an 8-0 win over rival Carmel. Many believe it's the first perfect perfect game in the history of New York high school softball.

Shannon Becker
Shannon Becker (credit: CBS2)

"It felt amazing. It was a really cool feeling," Shannon said.

She started playing when she was really young and comes from a family of softball and baseball players. She also plays basketball and soccer, but softball is her passion and she throws an incredible fastball, normally more than 60 mph.

"A 64 mph fastball in softball is equivalent to like 93-94 baseball fastball," Shannon said.

It can be painful for Michelle Dellamura, Shannon's best friend and catcher.

"She pitches really hard, but she's a really good teammate," Dellamura said. "If we're down, she's the one who picks us all up, like honestly, she is."

Shannon also does a lot of dancing and likes to sing.

"She's just overall such a happy person. She's always singing or dancing, always keeping us entertained," teammate Alexis MacIndoe said.

Shannon has 634 career strikeouts and yet she's incredibly down to earth.

"Sometimes I wish she would actually say she's good because she is very humble. If you ask her, 'Are you a good player?' She'll say, 'I'm OK,'" Bob Becker said.

"I love coming back from failure because in a game you fail more than you succeed and I think it's really cool to overcome your failures and just compete because you can always do something better," Shannon said.

One final note, Shannon is also a straight-A student.

Colleges started reaching out to her family when she was in sixth grade. She said she hopes to play professionally , but if that doesn't work out she's also interested in becoming a sports reporter.

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