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Baton with "you gon learn today" written on it among arsenal of weapons in Queens man's car, prosecutors say

Disturbing messages inscribed on weapon found in Queens man's car, officials say
Disturbing messages inscribed on weapon found in Queens man's car, officials say 02:59

NEW YORK -- More details are being released about an arsenal of weapons found in a Queens man's vehicle Wednesday, including the alarming messages written on one of those weapons.

The suspect, 27-year-old Judd Sanson, appeared in court Thursday.

Messages written on weapon in Queens man's car

Police say Sanson appeared nervous when they pulled him over at 86th Street and Ditmars Boulevard around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday for having a covered license plate. They say he told them he was visiting his uncle.

New York City Police Department officers say the 11 weapons they found in the car include a pistol, a machete, a switchblade, knives, a hatchet and a makeshift ax.

Officers also say they found 179 rounds of ammo, including four high-capacity magazines, and a baton with phrases written on it, including "Left me no choice," "You gon learn today," and, in Arabic, "Ask in God for forgiveness."

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz says that's why she charged him with intending to use the gun.

"All these expressions added together with all of these weapons, all this ammunition, everything that was in that car. We're not taking any chances," she said.

Where was Judd Sanson going with an arsenal of weapons?

Prosecutors say Sanson provided an address in Jamaica, Queens, where police say Sanson's father later gave them permission for a search. They say they found an empty firearm lockbox with a serial number that doesn't match the gun they found, so they're still searching for that weapon.

Prosecutors are also looking at Sanson's social media accounts. They say he posted a disturbing photo on Facebook at some point, but they did not say what that photo was.

"We really don't know where he was going. We only know that he was a few blocks from the airport. We only know that he was driving with a license plate that was blacked out," Katz said.

Investigators are especially concerned by the MTA vest found in the car and the bulletproof vest with an NYPD patch inside a pouch.

"Transit uniforms that can be used almost anywhere in our subway system or in our transit system," Katz said.

Prosecutors say the arrest prevented a "potential disaster," not only for New Yorkers but the entire country.

Sanson is facing multiple charges, including criminal possession of a weapon. Katz did not rule out the possibility of more charges.

"At the moment, we don't have terrorism charges, but we're still continuing the investigation," she said.

A judge denied bail for Sanson. He's due back in court next week. Sanson's attorney told the judge he needs medical and psychiatric treatment.

CBS New York reached out to his attorney to ask for their response to the charges and has not heard back.

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