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NYU student accuses roommate of stealing over $50,000 worth of clothes, handbags and jewelry, court documents say

6/17: CBS Morning News 20:14

A New York University student is suing her roommate and her roommate's mother for allegedly stealing more than $50,000 worth of clothes, handbags, and jewelry and then attempting to sell the items through an online consignment store, court documents show.

The suit alleges that Aurora Agapov's roommate Kaitlyn Fung "concocted a scheme whereby she would steal Plaintiff's jewelry and high-end designer clothing and handbags and sell same through The RealReal."

Agapov, who completed her freshman year at New York University earlier this summer, noticed around May 1 that some of her belongings were missing, court documents show. On the same day, she allegedly discovered a receipt written to her roommate Fung, who is from Old Tappan, New Jersey. The suit alleges the receipt was from the luxury consignment store The RealReal and listed some of the allegedly stolen items.

"My heart dropped," Agapov said to the New York Post about her discovery of the alleged thefts, which included items given to her by her mother. "We spoke pretty much every day," she added to the Post about her roommate. "I'd say we didn't really have any falling outs or anything." 

In a statement, The RealReal said all consignors are required to sign an agreement confirming they have the right to sell the items and that the items aren't stolen. The company said it was working with local authorities on the matter of Agapov's lawsuit and had released all requested information.

"If we receive any information that items might be stolen, we act fast by removing them from the site and starting an investigation," a company spokesperson said. "We also advise the alleged victim to file a police report and we work with law enforcement and other legal authorities."

Fung's legal team and Agapov's legal team did not immediately respond to CBS News' request for comment.

According to the lawsuit, Agapov confronted Fung, who'd been her roommate for the 2023-2024 school year, and Fung allegedly admitted she'd stolen several valuable items, some of which had already been sold through The RealReal, which calls itself "the largest marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment." 

At Agapov's request, Fung allegedly signed onto her RealReal account and showed her the items listed for sale. According to the suit, they included a Solange Azagury 18K ruby ring worth $23,765, a Celine Nanno tote worth $3,300 and a Chanel purse worth $4,000. 

The app also allegedly listed stolen items that had already been sold, including a Chanel bracelet that had sold for $175 and a Bvlgari necklace that had sold for $2,485. According to the suit, both items "were sold for substantially less than their true market value. Specifically, the Chanel Strauss Bracelet had a value of $2,000 and the Bvlgari Necklace had a value of approximately $13,000."

The app allegedly listed other items stolen from Agapov but returned to Fung, including a Gucci handbag, a Celine handbag and Christian Louboutin shoes. 

According to the suit, the value of the unsold stolen items is approximately $31,000, while the damages being sought for the sold stolen items is at least $20,000.

Agapov reported the alleged theft to the New York Police Department on May 2, and Fung was arrested the same day, the suit stated.

When Agapov went to The RealReal store in downtown Manhattan to discuss the theft, an employee told her that Fung's mother, referred to in the suit as Jane Doe, instructed the store to send the unsold items to her home in New Jersey, court documents allege. Those items have not yet been returned, despite Agapov's demands, the suit said. 

A court summons for Fung was handed to her father at her New Jersey residence on June 6, court documents showed.

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