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Brawl at high school graduation in New Jersey caught on video

Brawl breaks out at Westwood Regional High School graduation in New Jersey
Brawl breaks out at Westwood Regional High School graduation in New Jersey 01:31

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Police are investigating a brawl at a high school graduation ceremony in New Jersey. 

The chaotic scene at Westwood Regional High School was caught on cell phone video. 

Parents and students were involved in multiple physical altercations on the football field before school officials and police broke it up, witnesses said. Police officers from at least 12 different nearby towns helped get the situation under control. 

The fights broke out on the field shortly after the graduation ceremony wrapped up, police said. At least one person was injured and taken to a nearby hospital. Others were treated at the scene. 

"All I saw was a lot of commotion," one parent named Matt said. 

Parents said the scuffle was unfortunate, and left a stain on the end of what was otherwise a great school year. 

"It reflects badly on the town, I think. But 99% of the kids were fine. And I think they got over it. But it's unfortunate that it had to happen there and caused such chaos," Matt said. 

Westwood Regional High School is in Washington Township. It serves students from Washington and nearby Westwood. 

Jay Garcia, president of the Westwood Regional School District Board of Education, sent CBS New York the following statement:

"We have much to celebrate in our towns of Westwood and Washington Township. Last night, we honored nearly two hundred students. These young adults, now graduates, have accomplished so much, and they deserve the focus and our attention. The faculty, coaches, administrators, parents, family, and friends who guided them along their journey also merit accolades and praise!

"The safety and well-being of all students and residents are top priorities, and the unfortunate incident following the culmination was deeply upsetting; I will not comment beyond that, as this is now in the hands of our local law enforcement.

"Our communities are beautiful, and I know the parents and residents to be loving, caring, kind, and positively engaged. Again, I want to congratulate this gifted Cardinal Class of 2024! I am excited to see what their futures hold!"

Police called the behavior of those involved in the fights "egregious," and say criminal charges are pending. 

Investigators are asking anyone with footage of the incident or information about it to contact Washington Township Police

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