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Mayor: 'We Have To Lay Off Teachers Right Now'

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Mayor Bloomberg says the clock is ticking and the City needs to hand out layoff notices for teachers as soon as possible.

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Thousands of teachers will face the ax, he said, and the time to reach a deal with Albany is running out as well.

"We have to lay off teachers right now and we owe it to the teachers to tell those who are going to get laid off now that they are going to go so that they have a chance to get another job for the fall," he said.

The "last in, first out" system of layoffs, in which newest teachers to be hired will get fired first, will hurt students, he said.

He's still hopeful for a compromise with Gov. Andrew Cuomo as to which teachers are going to be laid off, and he maintains he is not union busting. He says he's simply doing what's right for the kids.

"This is anything but union busting. This is trying to use unions more," Bloomberg said. "The truth of the matter is we have to downsize and it's true the workforce is unionized, but that's not taking a shot at unions at all."

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