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Grand jury declines to indict N.J. high school principal Frank Sanchez. Why the acting superintendent calls it "welcome news."

Grand jury declines to indict N.J. high school principal
Grand jury declines to indict N.J. high school principal 00:23

NEWARK, N.J. -- A grand jury has declined to indict the principal of a New Jersey high school on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. 

Frank Sanchez was accused of an assault on a former student at the high school in March 2023. Prosecutors claim Sanchez pushed, shoved and pulled a 16-year-old former student. 

Sanchez, who is on paid leave from the Columbia High School in the South Orange-Maplewood School District, pleaded not guilty. He still faces an assault charge. 

The acting superintendent of the district said the declined indictment is "welcome news." 

"The Grand Jury's decision is welcome news to the many families and students who have been looking forward to welcoming Frank Sanchez back to Columbia High School and the South Orange and Maplewood School District community," Dr. Kevin F. Gilbert said. "As I have previously stated, this has been a long ordeal that has deeply impacted a dedicated principal, husband, and father; and it has also profoundly affected one of our students – a child of one of the families we served, who was in our care and did not feel cared for. It is my hope that all of us take from the past few months a renewed sense of our tremendous responsibilities and the resolve to be as good as we possibly can be to each other for the sake of our students, their families, and the entire community."

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