YouTube's "Cheerleading" Teacher Quits

Cheerleader in silhouette waves pom poms during homecoming bonfire, 9-28-95
AP (file)
A Gilbert teacher who was temporarily put on leave after appearing on YouTube performing a cheerleading routine in her classroom has resigned.

English teacher and cheerleading coach Cristina Mallon "has elected to resign" from the Higley Unified School District, district spokeswoman Sara Bresnahan said Tuesday.

Last month, the district placed Mallon on paid administrative "as a standard district procedure" after the video of her performing a cheer routine in front of her class appeared on the Internet site, the East Valley Tribune reported on its Web site.

The cheerleading coach was seen in the video performing a seemingly harmless cheer inside a classroom as students hoot and cheer.

Mallon said the routine was intended to promote the school's spirit week, reports CBS affiliate KPHO-TV.

The YouTube video runs for less than a minute. It made it all the way to network television, airing on NBC's "Today" show.

Mallon returned from her suspension a couple of weeks later.

Mallon was again in the spotlight after a student's father complained about a book she assigned, "Jake Reinvented."

The book, written by Gordon Kormon and released in 2003, talks about high school students at keg parties, where there's underage drinking and possibly sex, reports KPHO.

The parent said the book was not appropriate for his 14-year-old daughter, a student in Mallon's freshman English class.

That issue was to be researched and brought back to the Higley Unified School District Board.