You Gotta Buy (and Read) This Book!

On Veteran's day, I told you about "Never Fly Solo", the new book by "Waldo Wingman" a fighter pilot who does sales and motivational training. I encouraged Waldo to write the book and helped coach him through the royalty negotiations with the publisher. I just wanted to spread the news that Never Fly Solo hit the top spot on earlier this this week in all three key business book categories:
  • #1 in "Motivation"
  • #1 in "Leadership"
  • #1 in "Business Management"
I couldn't be more pleased that Waldo's book hit the trifecta -- making it instantly one of the most important business books available today.

The reason that the book is such a big hit is that it's really, really good. It doesn't just touch the brain (although it's full of good sense), it touches the heart. I can't recommend it -- or Waldo -- more highly. If you want a rundown of some of his ideas, check out my post "How to Sell Like a Top Gun" or you can watch this clip of Waldo on CNN.

BTW: So you cynics out there don't get your shorts in a twist, I have no financial interest whatsoever in promoting Waldo's book. I just happen to like it.