Yom Kippur: 10 Foods We Can't Wait to Eat

jewish holiday, food, rugelach, rugelah, yom kippur
Flickr/Yuko Chan
jewish holiday, food, rugelach, rugelah, yom kippur
Hungry yet? (Flickr/Yuko Chan)

(CBS) For observant Jews, it's that time of year again.

Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and the day where you have to go at least 24 hours without food and drink. Already, your belly is not happy with you. It's grumbling, pleading - why God why.

According to tradition, God has a pretty good reason. This is the time of year when each Jew's fate is sealed in the Book of Life. Jews use this time for soul searching and asking God and their fellow humans for forgiveness for their sins.

But once it's over, let the bagel and schmear begin.

So, to our Jewish readers, we wish you a quick and healthy fast. And just to make it a little harder, here are 10 mouth-watering holiday dishes we are already getting hungry for.