World's Most Obnoxious Co-Worker?

Last Updated Sep 4, 2008 11:34 PM EDT

Coworker! Last week, I posted a blog about a guy who had to work with a crackhead. (See: "Can a Crackhead Win at Sales") That got me thinking.

Last year, in response to "Worst Sales Manager Contest," you readers provided me with some truly incredible "boss from hell" horror stories. I thought it might be find out about the "co-workers from hell" too. Here goes:

Who's the most obnoxious person you've ever worked with? TELL YOUR STORY HERE
To get the ball rolling...

I used to work with a marketing guy -- a Harvard MBA, in fact -- whose entire career was based upon his ability to suck-up to his managers. Here's a story that will give you an idea of the lengths to which this guy would go. At one point he injured his back and had to take a couple of days off for bedrest. Because he didn't want the big boss to think that he had been goldbricking, he came to work wearing a truss -- outside his clothes. Just picture it: a three-piece gray suit, with the vest half hidden by a spandex truss that looked like your grandmother's girdle. All to "prove" that he had really been injured.

I'll bet most of you can top that, though.

Bragging rights to whomever comes up with the worst.