World AIDS Day 2010: Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga "Die" So Others May Live

Kim Kardashian's dies a "Digital Death" as part of a fundraising campaign
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Kim Kardashian dies a "digital death" as part of an HIV fund raising campaign. (

LOS ANGELES (CBS) You might have noticed that you're not getting those regular tweets from some of your favorite stars today. That's because they've died... digitally that is.

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest and Justin Timberlake are among the celebs who have made a "Digital Life Sacrifice" in honor of World Aids Day 2010.

They will remain disconnected from all social networks until they raise $1 million dollars for Alicia Keys' charity, Keep A Child Alive, providing treatment and support to families affected by HIV and Aids.

The stars also submitted "last tweet and testament" videos before they went silent, which you can watch below.

The last big twitter celebrity campaign for charity was Twitchange, launched by Eva Longoria. It pegged itself as the "the first-ever celebrity Twitter auction," and raised half a million dollars for

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