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Working the Balloon Fest in Albuquerque

Dave finally stopped moving in Meteor Crater, Ariz. He stayed with the Brunet family. They had a tow Jeep, where they let him sleep. Luckily for him, they gave him a sleeping bag.

Dave and the Brunet family really bonded. Their dog, Dylan, is so cute! Dave really bonded with Dylan. I think he misses his own dog, Chance! (Hopefully, he will get to see him Friday, if he makes it back home!)

Slideshow: Photos of Dave's Trip

The Brunet family dropped Dave off in Winslow, Ariz., where he walked through a truck stop and persuaded Oscar Pena to give him a ride to New Mexico. This is Oscar's truck in the photo.

Oscar dropped Dave off in Albuquerque, and Dave made his way to a balloon festival. They put him to work, doing some real manual labor. But he made some good money doing it. Hopefully, it will help him on his way.

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Dave slept in one of the tents at the fiesta (they were so nice to give him shelter -- it's windy!).

Next? I have no idea. I'm just following him, and he's not letting me in on his plans. Hopefully we get further East though, I'm not sure if we're going to make it at this rate! (Please don't tell Dave I said that!)

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