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Woman Lends Homeless Man Amex Card, Gets It Back

Merrie Harris says it was a matter of trust.

Harris, from Manhattan, was asked for cash Monday by a homeless man on the street. She told him she didn't have any, but she did have her platinum American Express card to give him.

"And he said, 'Do you mind of I borrow it?' And I looked at him, and he just - he seemed so honest. And everyone randomly was just saying, 'You are nuts!" '

The friends Harris was with at the time continued to poke fun at her and, Harris admits, she began to doubt herself - and the man.

But, says Harris, he came back 15 minutes later to return the card after buying vitamin water and cigarettes - exactly what he'd said he wanted to get.

Just to be sure, Harris called Amex, which confirmed it.

Harris says the lesson here is that sometimes, if we just have faith in humanity, people will prove us right.