Will Windows Vista Kill My Productivity?

Last Updated Jun 25, 2008 5:11 PM EDT

2425602057_7207586878_m.jpgI'm toying with the idea of buying a new computer. Mine is about 6 years old and despite a bunch of upgrades, it's barely limping along under the weight of all my applications and my penchant for multitasking.

The trouble is, I'm gun-shy about Microsoft Windows Vista. And unfortunately, if I want another Dell, I either have to buy an XP system by dawn tomorrow or take the leap of faith into Vista. Yikes.

Why am I leery of Vista? Well, there's my knee-jerk discomfort with change. And while Vista is supposedly reliable, deep down I'm afraid it's as awful as the critics say. Yes, I admit it: Those clever Mac/PC TV commercials have gotten under my skin -- as in PC doing yoga to "breathe out the bad Vista energy." (Or the episode with the "PCs Living With Vista" support group. Love that one.)

But the biggest reason is the worry that I'll have to start over at Ground Zero, at the beginning of a new learning curve, and that all my hard-won efficiencies under XP will be tossed out the window. I'm a pro at leveraging what XP has to offer. I'm a newbie when it comes to Vista. Is that going to wreak havoc with my productivity?

I'm still debating my next move. Could be I'll be online at midnight, frantically configuring one of the last available Dell XP machines. Perhaps I'll just pull the Vista trigger. Or, if I'm going to really start from scratch, maybe it's time to go all the way and see what Apple has to offer -- and avoid the whole Vista issue altogether.

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