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Will unions bend before they break?

The numbers don't lie. States and municipalities from coast to coast can't pay their bills. Nor will they be able to in the future unless significant adjustments are made in the amount of money many public employees pay for their health care and retirement. It won't be hard to find people who agree with those statements. But, what the country is arguing over now is how to go about it. Deals were struck by many a bipartisan legislature through the years to expand benefits. Today though, republican governors and legislators are demanding an end to collective bargaining for state workers. Perhaps that's not needed. Let's look to the private sector for an example. The United Auto Workers gave back plenty when faced with an industry on the brink of collapse. Union concessions helped make Detroit competitive again. Maybe it's worth seeing if the unions will bend before trying to break them.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.