Will Big Contracts Ruin Baseball?

Lesley Stahl Profiles Super-Agent Scott Boras

Is the man who negotiated the highest sports contract ever - $252 million over 10 years - really ruining baseball? Super-agent Scott Boras says he's just representing millionaire players against billionaire owners. But critics, like New York Daily News columnist Bill Madden, say Boras is taking the owners, the fans and the game for a ride. Lesley Stahl reports.

"Show me the facts," retorts Boras, who says the game has never been in better shape from a financial and fan standpoint.

But Madden says that Boras's deals will lead to a situation in which only the big-city teams with deep pockets can afford the best players. "Only three or four, maybe half a dozen, teams can go into the season with a legitimate chance in their minds of winning," he says.

The owners are dumb to pay such high amounts for ball players, says Madden. "It's amazing that [owners] can make millions in their private businesses and, as soon as they come into baseball, they turn into idiots," he says.

Boras says this is just sour grapes. "The clubs that don't get the players are going to go out and make the owner who signed the player the new village idiot of baseball," he says.

And the oldest story in sport, according to Boras? "It's the greedy agent," he says.

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