Widows join forces to move forward after grief

Widows help each other move on
The group of widows who met to help each other move forward after losing their spouses.

(CBS News) When Becky Aikman's husband died of cancer, she was only in her 40s. But she decided to take on -- and conquer -- her grief.

But she didn't do it alone. After being kicked out of a traditional support group for wanting to focus on the future, and not just her loss, Aikman decided to start one of her own -- one with less talk, less gloom and more doing. She teamed up with other women with the same situation and drive and set out on a year-long adventure to remake their lives. Aikman's new memoir, "Saturday Night Widows," chronicles the stories of those six women who came together.

But you can also meet them now. Watch Lee Woodruff's "CBS This Morning" feature in the video above.