Widow Starts To 'Move On'

Houma, La., is a tiny town on the Bayou. But it's paid a high price for the war in Iraq.

Eight National Guardsmen from Houma have died in the war, turning eight of the town's young women into widows, reports CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi.

It's 7 a.m in Houma, Louisiana and Tiffiny Comeaux has just one hour to get her three boys fed, dressed and out the door. She attacks this daily drill with military precision. She has to.

Tiffiny doesn't have back-up anymore. Her husband Kurt was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

"We are starting to move on," Tiffiny says. "My biggest thing is going to be when I walk into the house I finally bought, that he wanted. That's my biggest goal."

Her tears really haven't had a chance to dry. It was just nine months ago that her high school sweetheart was returned to her. Her life's been altered dramatically. But her position on the war hasn't changed.

"I've always supported it," she says. "To me, if the president had them pulled out then why did he die?"

Tiffiny's 10-year-old son Bryce doesn't see those subtleties.

"That war needs to stop. Too much people are dying," he says.

Tiffiny says she's not surprised at that sentiment that he thinks it needs to end.

"I'm not surprised because he knows what can happen. He knows all too well what can happen," Tiffiny says.

The Comeauxs have all learned more about loss than they needed to this year, which could explain what Tiffiny did earlier this month.

She and her boys moved out of their home, so a family who lost their house in Katrina could move in.

She opened up your home to complete strangers.

"Yeah, I didn't even know them," Tiffiny says.

Brandy Mareno and her mom wish they could return the favor. But of course, they can't.

"We can replace everything we've lost," Mareno says. "She can't replace her husband. You can't replace a life."

"But I really do think it's worth it," Tiffiny says. "Not worth losing his life — but we needed to be out there."

If you doubt her sincerity, consider this: Tiffiny's son told us he'd like to join the Army one day. Tiffiny said she'd be proud to see him do it.