Why Design Your Site for Mobile Phones?

Mobile Phones image by Gaetan Lee [cc, 2.0]I don't know about you, but I ride mass transit every day. Granted, it is the city of San Francisco, and it is one of the most connected cities in the country, but I'm sure the same axiom would hold across every urban area in the U.S. Until today, I just assumed this from personal experience; but today I found something that points towards a robust growth in mobile phone Internet browsing -- one in four cell phone users now use the Internet on their device and about one in six do so frequently. Add another intrigue to the aforementioned: The much-heralded iPhone has sold four million units to date.

All of it says something to me: We'll be seeing fewer laptops in the coffee shops and more miniature mobile devices that do much of what our big, bulky lap boxes are doing. In Japan -- 40% there use mobile phones to browse the web -- people are using mobile phones everywhere and for everything.

So why design your site to be compatible with phones? It's easy, and it's just smart considering the trajectory. A good thing to point your in-house developers to would be this two-part how-to.

Mobile Phones image by Gaetan Lee [cc, 2.0]