Why a Search Audit is Essential

Last Updated Mar 5, 2008 11:39 AM EST

SEO Audit M&MHordes of firms are taking their search marketing strategy in-house. It's a recent phenomenon; in the past, freelancers and consultants, were the go-to point-people. In order to make that critical choice, and other decisions, about your future web marketing strategy you should perform a site audit. What does an audit reveal? Like a financial audit, an SEO audit gives checks and balances to your online strategy.
  • It's a barometer of your health and opportunities online. An SEO audit brings together all that data your site has been gathering and tells you where your strengths lie; it also takes the code and architecture of your site to show where opportunities exist.
  • It helps you decide on whether or not to hire an in-house SEO strategist. Large jobs require longer-term investments. Quick fixes can be outsourced.
  • A good audit compares your paid search and organic search performance. Each market is different -- some pay better with organic strategies by raising your unpaid Google ranking. Other markets have more opportunity in the paid search realm. Although all strategies benefit from a dual approach that capitalizes on both, you'll eventually need to decide on which one pays the best for your efforts.
  • SEO audits size up your competition. Audits are one of the least utilized tools for firms with stiff competition. The beauty of a good SEO audit is the ability to scrape much of your competitors' web data for comparisons and to isolate opportunities in order to lap them in rankings.

SEO Audit M&M's image by joebeone [cc, 2.0]