Who shops for themselves on Black Friday, men or women?

By Julie Ramhold

Men shop for themselves

Among DealNews readers, about 46 percent of men say they're shopping mostly for themselves on Black Friday. Compare that to just 29 percent of women who say the same. This isn't a new trend -- last year 44 percent of men and 26 percent of women said they had shop for themselves.

However, men are more pessimistic about the quality of deals for Black Friday. In fact, 41 percent of men believe the quality gets worse every year, while only 32 percent of women felt that way. That said, most readers felt Black Friday is the same as it always was, with 51 percent of men and 59 percent of women saying deal quality doesn't increase or decrease.

Women shop for others

According to our survey, women tend to shop for others, which might mean they're doing more holiday shopping on Black Friday. This year, 33 percent of women say they'll be shopping for children, compared to 25 percent of men. And 28 percent of women are shopping for relatives, while only 12 percent of men say the same.

Every year brings a fresh debate on whether Black Friday is eroding the family Thanksgiving. So it's interesting that 30 percent of women believe Turkey Day has the best deals -- nearly tied with the 33 percent of women who say Black Friday has better deals. Men firmly believe Black Friday is better. A solid 41 percent said the shopping holiday had better deals, as opposed to the 22 percent who prefer Thanksgiving.

Men prefer Best Buy, women Prefer Target

Everyone will click over to Amazon (AMZN) during Black Friday; 87 percent of all our survey respondents said they'd shop there. But the second most popular retailer for men is Best Buy (BBY), with 62 percent saying they'll shop there (versus just 48 percent of women). Instead, Target was in the No. 2 spot for women on Black Friday, with 64 percent of women (and only 59 percent of men) saying they'd shop at Target (TGT) there.

Interestingly, Walmart was the No. 3 pick for both men and women, with 60 percent and 61 percent of respondents saying they'll shop at Walmart (WMT), respectively.

Men shop for electronics, women shop for clothing

Most consumers are shopping the same three categories for Black Friday: electronics, toys or video games, and clothing. Men and women are both shopping for electronics, but 82 percent of men are looking for these gadgets compared to just 71 percent of women. Overwhelmingly though, more women are shopping for clothing than men -- 69 percent of women compared to 47 percent of men.

Everybody shops online

Online shopping has been growing more popular, so it's not entirely surprising that more consumers seem to prefer it for Black Friday. This year, a whopping 97 percent of people said they'll shop online for the holiday. Some still plan to shop in-store -- about 50 percent -- and 30 percent are planning to shop their favorite stores via a mobile app.

Amazon tops everyone's lists

As we said above, Amazon is going to be the No. 1 store for both men and women on Black Friday. What's even more surprising, whether you love or hate the holiday, odds are good that you're planning to shop at Amazon.

Of those who are routinely satisfied with Black Friday deals, 86 percent are planning to shop at Amazon this year. But even those who aren't satisfied with Black Friday deals prefer Amazon -- 87 percent of those unsatisfied customers will still be shopping the megasite this year.

Everybody shops on Black Friday

Even though Black Friday has its dissenters, 91 percent of our readers shopped the holiday last year, and 92 percent plan to do so again this year. Consumers still have a lot of faith in the shopping holiday, even though 51 percent of those surveyed weren't satisfied with last year's deals.

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