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White Christmas

This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
I do love Bing Crosby singing Irving Berlin's "White Christmas," but there comes a point where even happy Harry says, "Bah humbug."

Now comes news, however, that the whole dream part of the Irving Berlin song may be more truth than fiction.

Researchers in Germany have determined that as time goes by, sorry, the chances of a white Christmas in many places accustomed to having them will get smaller and smaller.

Average temperatures in many parts of the planet have gone up by a degree and a third since 1900, and the predictive charts keep rising.

In fact, researchers say that places like London and Paris that used to have white Christmases in the past will almost never have them 100 years from now.

Human nature being what it is, wanting things we can't have, maybe if we were a little greener we could get our white Christmas back.