Which superhero would you pick to save the world?

DC Comics

Our lives are chockablock with choices that often seem so urgent but later turn out to anything but do-or-die. To wit: Mac or PC? Red wine or white? Ginger or MaryAnn?

Easy stuff like that.

But what if you found yourself staring into the face of a force so powerful and so malign that the very civilization which humanity holds dear was at risk? For generations of comic book readers, this was the stuff of drama for their favorite superheros to fly - or run very fast - to the rescue. And with The Green Lantern and Thor finally making their big screen debuts this summer, superheros are again a hot topic of conversation. But not all superheros are created equal and besides, there are lots to choose from.

Let's make it more interesting: Let's say that you had one call to make to summon a superhero to save the Earth from the clutches of a giant, gamma ray-shooting alien. Time to send out that S.O.S. now. So who would it be?

We've assembled our fave picks in the accompanying gallery. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the talkback section below.