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Where to Bury a King?

Confusion reigns over the King of Pop. Where will the family hold his memorial and funeral?

A week after Michael Jackson's death, and there are still no firm plans for either.

The only thing known about Jackson's funeral, CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes reported on "The Early Show" Thursday, is what's been ruled out.

The Jackson family has made it official that the pop icon's funeral won't take place at his former home, Neverland Ranch, near Santa Barbara, Calif.

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Some insiders are pointing to the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles as the site for a fan memorial next week. The Staples Center was the site of Jackson's last rehearsal, the night before he died. But it has fewer than 20,000 seats.

There's speculation the nearby Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum could be chosen. It seats 90,000.

Either way, Hughes reported, residents in the town near the Neverland Ranch are relieved the tributes will be elsewhere.

Even though the Jackson family said there won't be a public or private viewing, Hughes said, that hasn't stopped a steady stream of fans from coming to the gates of the Neverland Ranch to pay homage to Jackson.

One woman told Hughes she knew a funeral wasn't going to be held at the property, but she came anyway "just to be close to his spirit."

She told Hughes, "I'm getting a little emotional already."

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