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When Underdogs Win

Christine O'Donnell wasn't supposed to win the Republican Senatorial Primary in Delaware Tuesday. I read a piece last week by a local pundit down there that said she had no chance. He changed his tune after new poll numbers came out over the weekend. And thanks to the support of Sarah Palin and The Tea Party Express, O'Donnell romped over hand-picked Republican opponent Mike Castle. It was thought Castle would give Chris Coons, the Democrat hoping to be elected to Joe Biden's old seat, a run for his money. Alas O'Donnell won and the soothsayers are saying, 'Now what?' Even Republican sage Karl Rove predicted "This is a race we are not going to win." But, November is a long way off. What if the grassroots get worked up into a prairie fire? Mid-term elections like primaries are all about turn out and motivation. When a candidate is viewed as a champion of a cause and not just a politician almost anything can happen.

Just A Minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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