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What Was Andy Thinking…in 2002?

Here's the latest installment in our continuing series, "What Was Andy Thinking?," in which we bring you a year's worth of Andy Rooney commentary topics. This time around, the year is 2002, which gave us the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone's death, and the Moscow theatre hostage crisis. Andy, per usual, took on some topics that made headlines and some that didn't -- until he took them on, anyway. In the latter category are commentaries on what the human race should invent, what happens when you call your doctor's office, and, somewhat controversially, female football reporters. The full list of commentary topics is below. (OAD means original air date.)

01/06/02: "The College Year" - the little time college students spend in class

01/13/02: "Being A Good Sport" - money an athlete is making

01/20/02: "What's In A Word" - the use of derogatory racial slang terms

01/27/02: "Enron" - we need more government not less

02/03/02: "Planning" - what to do first when you get to the office (OAD: 06/03/01)

02/10/02: "Flying" - airline security

02/17/02: "Olympics" - Americans behaving as though no other country is as good as the U.S.

02/24/02: "Annoying Mail" - the wording on envelopes

03/03/02: "How's My Hair?" - hair makes a big difference in a person's appearance

03/10/02: "Koppel & Letterman" - David Letterman may leave CBS

03/17/02: "In The News" - newspaper stories

03/24/02: "Andy's Movie Picks" - descriptions of movies in newspaper ads

03/31/02: "Those Rotten Apples" - the Catholic Church dealing with issues of sex, priests abusing children and birth control

04/07/02: "The Auto Show" - Andy goes to the automobile show

04/14/02: Secretary of State Colin Powell's mission to the Middle East

04/21/02: "The Numbers Game" - scoring in sports

04/28/02: "Invent Some New Inventions" - what the human race should invent

05/05/02: "Rooney On Rations" - U.S. Army rations

05/12/02: "Library Rules To Shelve" - Andy's pet peeves on libraries

05/19/02: "Byte-Sized? Not This Laptop" - computer accessories Andy packs when he travels

05/26/02: "Drink Up" - the popularity of soft drinks (OAD: 03/18/01)

06/02/02: "Andy Rooney's Mail" - letters Andy receives

06/09/02: "Bathtubs" - Andy thinks bathtubs are a waste of money (OAD: 11/25/01)

06/16/02: "The Cat's Meow" - how people feel about cats (OAD: 03/07/99)

06/23/02: "Envelopes" - things that are written on envelopes (OAD: 04/20/97)

06/30/02: "My Saturday Morning" - labels you find in the supermarket (OAD: 03/29/98)

07/07/02: "Handy Andy" - a viewer sends Andy a copy of Handy Andy, a book written another Andy Rooney which was published in 1842 (OAD: 01/14/01)

07/21/02: "Genes" - scientists should work on a method to get rid of the genes that cause people to behave badly (OAD: 10/28/01)

07/28/02: "The American Flag" - the flag as a symbol (OAD: 11/04/01)

08/04/02: "Junk" - things people throw out (OAD: 05/07/00)

08/11/02: "Right Man For The Job" - some jobs Andy wouldn't want

08/18/02: Why can't they have uniform electrical cords for appliances? (OAD: 11/26/00)

09/01/02: "Trains" - train travel (OAD: 09/30/01)

09/08/02: "Remembering 9/11" - the good and bad results of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2002

09/22/02: "Andy Rooney's Treasures" - things that Andy keeps (OAD: 12/02/01)

09/29/02: "Why Do People Hate Martha?" - being a fan of Martha Stewart

10/06/02: "Don't Do It Alone Mr. President" - the question of a war against Iraq

10/13/02: "Ask Your Doctor" - what happens when you call your doctor's office

10/20/02: "Women On The Sidelines" - women football reporters

10/27/02: "I'm Going To Sue" - people suing large companies

11/03/02: "Just Like The Russians" - the Moscow theater standoff

11/10/02: "Hard To Open" - Have you tried to open a bottle of aspirin lately...or a bag of potato chips?

11/24/02: "Christmas Before Thanksgiving" - downplaying Thanksgiving being squeezed out by Christmas

12/01/02: "Newspaper Stories Are Great" - Andy talks about strange stories in newspapers

12/08/02: "Awards, Honors and Prizes" - the different types of awards

12/22/02: "What's Inside the Package?" - we've carried packaging too far

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