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What Was Andy Thinking…In 1993?

Here's the latest installment in our continuing series, "What Was Andy Thinking?," in which we bring you a year's worth of Andy Rooney commentary topics. This time around the year is 1993, which gave us plenty of bad news: The Branch Davidian stand-off, the World Trade Center bombing, and the Savings and Loan scandal. Andy took on some such topics, as well as others that didn't make headlines, such as people who say "thank you" in an insincere way, the popularity of bodybuilders, and how people are getting less in their packages of paper products. The full list of commentary topics is below. (OAD means original air date.)

01/03/93: "Road Signs" - confusing road signs on highways

01/10/93: "Christmas Presents" - Andy's Christmas presents

01/17/93: "Matisse" - Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

01/24/93: "The Clinton Inauguration" - comments on the Presidential Inauguration

02/07/93: "School Books" - oversimplified school text books

02/14/93: "David Letterman" - making room for the David Letterman Show

02/21/93: "Clinton's Plan" - why do politicians tell lies in order to be elected?

02/28/93: "Boat Show - 1993" - the New York boat show

03/07/93: "Hillary Rodham Clinton" - the first lady's use of first and maiden names; politicians' nicknames

03/14/93: "Base Closings" - closing of U.S. military bases

03/21/93: "Snow" - Andy was disappointed that he missed the big snow storm in the East last week

03/28/93: "News Stories" - current headlines

04/04/93: "Cords and Converters - electrical cords, converters and adapters that people keep in their homes

04/11/93: "Cigarettes" - the price of cigarettes

04/18/93: "On the Telephone - 1993" - what people do while they are talking on the telephone

04/25/93: "Waco, Texas" - placing the blame for what happened at the Waco, Texas compound of the Branch Davidians

05/02/93: "Ounces" - weights shown on packages in super markets

05/09/93: "Mike Wallace's Birthday" - Mike Wallace's 75th birthday

05/16/93: "Gifts - 1993" - things people have sent to Andy Rooney

05/23/93: "Hair Styles" - Andy's hairdo

05/30/93: "Cemeteries" - old burial grounds (OAD: 11/29/92)

06/06/93: "American Education" - American kids who aren't getting much education (OAD: 2/2/92)

06/13/93: "Advertising" - advertising on tickets and other things we buy (OAD: 10/25/92)

06/20/93: "Medical Bills" - Andy's kidney operation (OAD: 10/4/92)

06/27/93: "Cold-A-Thon" - cold remedies (OAD: 11/22/92)

07/11/93: "Courtesy" - people who block the way in public places like sidewalks and airports (OAD: 5/10/92)

08/01/93: "Bottled Water" - (OAD: 10/6/91)

08/15/93: "Comics" - comic strips: some that Andy doesn't understand (OAD: 11/27/88)

08/22/93: "Bodybuilders" - popularity of bodybuilders

08/29/93: "JFK - The Movie" - Andy's critique (OAD: 1/19/92)

09/05/93: "Neighbors" - people who feel no responsibility for keeping up the neighborhood (OAD: 4/26/92)

09/12/93: "Thank Yous" - people who say `thank you' in an insincere way

09/19/93: "The Rich" - new tax laws unfair to people earning more than $100,000

09/26/93: "Health Care Plan" - problems involved in trying to provide comprehensive health care for all Americans

10/03/93: "Octane" - deciding which octane gas to put in your car

10/10/93: "Camp David" - Andy tries to get a look at Camp David

10/17/93: "Paper Products" - we are getting less in packages of paper products (Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper)

10/24/93: "Cigarette Taxes" - discrimination against smokers

11/07/93: "Ghostwriters" - celebrities who have other people write their autobiographies

11/14/93: 60 MINUTES...25 Years

11/21/93: "Letters" - viewers write to Andy to complain

11/28/93: "JFK Remembered" - where Andy was the day President Kennedy died

12/05/93: "College Football" - deciding which is the best college football team

12/12/93: "Inventions In A Drawer" - small inventions that are helpful

12/19/93: "Shoe Sizes" - how shoe sizes are determined

12/26/93: "How to Open An Envelope" - instructions for opening envelopes

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