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What to Make of Apple's New iBook

Steve Jobs calls it an iMac to go. Apple continues to break new ground with its new shell shaped portable...

"First of all, what are we gonna call it. Just to we have a name to refer by. Well, as you know, we tend to start our consumer products with the prefix i, and our pro products with the prefix power. We tend to end our desktops with Mac and we tend to end our portables with book. So since we're such logical folk, iBook is the name of this product."
Steve Jobs interim CEO and chief showman at the introduction at MacWorld Expo. The 16 hundred dollar notebook will ship in September in blueberry and tangerine colors. It has rubberized edges and a flip up handle. And look mom, no wires...

"What is going on here. We are really excited to announce in addition to iBook, AirPort."
AirPort, for about 400 dollars you high speed network or internet connections... wirelessly, within a hundred fifty feet....

"And everybody is jumping on board with this thing over the next six to nine months. So all sorts of devices are going to be able to interact with AirPort. We're just gonna be there first and best."
From design to usability, Apple continues to make computing fun.

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