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What This Insane Divorce Lawyer Can Teach You About Online Video


It seems like there's only one divorce lawyer in the U.S. right now: Steve Miller of Divorce EZ, whose hilarious commercial -- "Pay up and you're on your way to getting rid of that vermin you call a spouse!" -- has suddenly gone viral even though it's been online since 2008 (video below). The ad is simple: Miller addresses the camera directly and in a largely unedited take says exactly what's on the mind of anyone who has ever sought legal counsel for ending a marriage:
If you and your spouse hate each other like poison and want to get out of that hellhole you call marriage, you've come to the right place.
Look, you can waste your money screwing around with some paper-pusher paralegal type, give thousands of dollars to some piece of crap, three-piece-suit downtown, blow your brains out trying to figure out why you wasted 25 bucks on the crappy forms you bought from the illiterate boob at the courthouse or, do what I say and do it now!
The icing on the cake is where Miller bizarrely insists that his web site is somehow a measure of his legal competence: "Look at this web site -- a work of art!"

It didn't begin this way. Miller has several earlier ads, including this one from July 2008, in which he runs through the usual conventions of the form: "You want to get divorced but are petrified about going to court: Divorce EZ can help you." Boring! Only 541 people have seen it at the time of writing.

His "vermin" ad has gotten more than 98,000 views, and has started showing up on blogs like Adfreak and in the traditional news media.

The lesson here is a simple one: The web is a crowded place and if you want to be noticed you have to shout loud. Being "normal" won't do your business any good. If you just want awareness, sometimes you have to go nuclear. The kicker: In the ad, behind Miller's shoulder, you'll notice his family photos. He's been married "20-plus years" and has three children.


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