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What Oscar-Nominated Films Should Your Family See?

Andy inspects his toys in "Toy Story 3."
In "Toy Story 3," Andy inspects his toys. Disney/Pixar

(CBS) With the Oscar race underway, you may be taking a look at some of the nominated films and wondering, "What's OK for everyone in my family to see?"

"Eye on Parenting" has tracked down the family-oriented movies in this year's awards in our "Oscar-Nominated Family Films" gallery to help you gauge whether you want your family to see some of the nominated films.

Oscar-Nominated Family Films

We've split the gallery into two categories: "For Kids" and "About Kids." The movies in the "For Kids" category feature films with a Motion Picture Association of America rating of PG-13, PG or G. The "About Kids" category shows nominated movies, such as "The Social Network," that are PG-13 or R-rated with predominantly adult themes.

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