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What Mother's Day cards can't say

Hope you and yours had a good Mother's Day. It was good in my house. The boys each gave their mother serious extra long hugs. My wife got cards and a flower. And while that was just fine. It was the hugs that were the difference maker. All of us want to be appreciated. And at its essence it seems that is what Mother's Day is all about. One of my sons gave his mom a goofy card. Something about the panic that ensues when the server is down. The server in this case was the mom. It's hard not to listen to the hype for a day like Mother's Day. It raises expectations to unrealistic levels when deep down all a mom wants, it seems to me, is for her children to say, "We get it. You go the extra mile. You put up with too much. You stick with us no matter what. You are our biggest fan. And staunchest defender." Cards don't say that. Brunch doesn't either. But an extra long hug - from two big boys - said all that and then some.

Just a minute, I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.