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What Keeps Employees From Jumping Ship?

jump-ship.jpgA high turnover rate can be devastating for a company; it's expensive, draining for those left behind who have to pick up the slack, and frustrating for customers and clients who've developed relationships with the fallen soldiers on your staff. The Wall Street Journal online offers the key to employee retention with their recent article, "Survey Shows Workers Want Good Management and Respect." Brilliant! Who woulda thunk it?

All joking aside, the article presents some research you may find interesting:

  • 62 percent of employees who said they have an effective manager also said they planned to stay with their jobs
  • 17 percent of employees who said their manager is ineffective plan to stay with their jobs
When workers discussed their definition of respect, it came down to more than just professional esteem. The research shows what employees really want is simply to be recognized; small gestures, like saying "hi" in the morning, and thanking employees for their efforts make a huge difference.

It seems like an obvious concept, and yet it's a struggle for a lot of managers. And generally, there's no disrespect involved; there's just a lack of effort. If you're looking for some insight into what respect actually looks like, here's some recommended reading:

The Manager's Book of Small Decencies: How Small Gestures Build Great Companies
From Amazon:

Addressing concerns at every level of corporate culture, from the entry level to the CEO's office, Harrison shows how decencies will enhance communication, build teamwork, boost productivity, and create a stronger dedication to a shared mission company-wide. The Manager's Book of Decencies provides real-life examples of small decencies that result in major business impact, and that you can put to use in your company.
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