What Is Crowdsourcing? | BTalk

Last Updated Sep 30, 2010 7:51 PM EDT


Morris Miselowski
(Episode 591; 11 minutes 12) There's a whole new way of getting things done. If you need an expert or an extra set of hands to perform a task, then crowdsource it. In this edition of BTalk business futurist Morris Miselowski explains how crowdsourcing works.

As you'll hear, in many cases the crowd is being used to held create a solution they ultimately buy --- even to the extent of building a motor vehicle. It's given rise to the term "prosumer".

Without being up on the jargon I have inadvertently stumbled across a few interesting crowdsourcing ideas in recent editions of BTalk:

Turning a Community into a Business Kelly Thompson, COO of iStockphoto explains how they established a vast online photo library.

10 Steps To Crowdsourcing Your Advertising I talk to Wil Merritt from Zooppa about outsourcing your advertising to the crowd.

What's the Big Idea? Yvonne Adele talks about her venture that crowdsources idea generation.

See also this excellent article on Crowdsourcing by Jennifer Alsever back in 2007, demonstrating there's nothing new to this. I'm clearly just slow to catch on!