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Wet, Wild Weather In California

For once it's not el Nino or la Nina. It's just windy, wet and wild. And above all else, up and down the coast of California, it is hot, reports CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes.

Usually arid southern California has also been under the influence of monsoon-type weather. Moisture from Mexico meets up with a high pressure system over the southwest and moves in to make misery.

Tim McClung, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service explains. "Generally we're in the desert out here, so we don't generally have any kind of weather to speak of. This is one of those times of year where the air feels very moist, very muggy," he says.

It's also one of those rare times when bright sunny days can change in minutes. Adding the unusual moisture to normally hot conditions is a recipe for thunderstorms.

It's been happening all week -- thunderstorms producing flash floods. One person was killed Tuesday. A mudslide killed another and injured five. Winds knocked down 40-foot trees.

Farmers are losing out, too. Crops that were frozen last winter had started to recover just in time for another weather wallop. The hot temperatures literally makes some of the fruit fall from the trees.

But more than anything else, the above-average temperatures and almost unheard of humidity are just hard to take.