We're kind of obsessed with Jane Pratt's iPhone

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Jane Pratt's iPhone
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(CBS) - Now that Jane Pratt has launched xoJane, a spunky site for young women, we can relax a little bit. We've been missing "Sassy" (the teen mag she started at the age of 24) and "Jane" (a lifestyle mag for 18 to 30-somethings) for quite some time now, we've been dry of inspiration. Dry!

Okay, so we're exaggerating a little. But, we really are beyond stoked about the new site -- it's so darn witty and helpful. Here's a solution to shoe friction and foot odor and instructions on how to make a dress from a pillowcase, say xoJane editors. You can even ask Pratt herself for advice.

Our latest xoJane obsession: what's on Pratt's iPhone.

It's not enough that our idols have Twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages. We're taking voyeurism to another level here as Pratt lets us in on her whereabouts, conversations and personal photos and videos. (Hmmm, wait, that is Twitter and Facebook.)

Whatever, this is just so much cooler.

We've stalked learned a lot about her already... Looks like she hangs with Michael Stipe and Courtney Love (way cool!), questions her outfit choices just like we do, and snacks on candy corn, Swedish Fish and Skittles.

We're so inspired, we want to do the same! (As in, take photos of our iPhone screens, not eat Skittles.) Do we smell a Tumblr in the works?

  • Ysolt Usigan

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