Welcome to a New Frontier

Greetings from Dan Rather, Anchor and Managing Editor, CBS NEWS

Welcome to an exciting new combination of cutting-edge technology - and age-old experience.

More than six decades ago, CBS Newsman Edward R. Murrow came up with a then-revolutionary idea: radio news ought to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, fairness and excellence as practiced by the best newspapers. Radio ought to report the news, not merely repeat the headlines, Murrow thought. A simple idea - but nobody seemed to have thought of it before.

It was a propitious moment to come up with this idea. In Europe, Asia, and North Africa, the mighty fascist menace was poised to devour nation after nation. What was happening in Germany and Japan - and around the corner -was going to make a tremendous difference to every American. The need to know had never been greater. Radio became the cutting-edge technology for informing vast numbers of people. And because radio reached such vast numbers of people, so quickly, the need for the strictest accuracy was acute.

When CBS - and Murrow - turned to an even newer technology called television, they applied the same high standards, with such memorable success that those of us who came after have been struggling ever since to live up to Murrows reputation.

Today we are embarking in a new technology, but in the same direction. Recent events have proven repeatedly that, on the Internet, the need for accuracy doesn't diminish. The Internet has the capacity to spread misinformation, disinformation, rumor and fantasy even more quickly than radio or television - and it's open to people whose motives you might not want to trust.

CBS News has the experience you and your family have trusted for generations. And we're going to apply the same standards here. We're not going to put information on this website unless we know it to be accurate.

When it counts, the address is still CBS.